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“Where do I even begin? I’ll start out by saying we had tried multiple things for our son but nothing was working/it wasn’t sustainable/didn’t feel right. Our son is over 2 and we have a newborn so we knew we needed help ASAP. We were 10000% in survival mode and making all the wrong choices but didn’t have a plan and didn’t know where to start. We felt so lost. After my first call with Andrea, I knew we were going to be a great fit…and we were!!! We cannot thank Andrea enough for her expertise, kindness, support, etc.!! Our 2 year old son went from not being able to fall asleep OR stay asleep by himself, waking multiple times a night and needed help falling back asleep, falling asleep late and waking up early…to falling asleep ON HIS OWN and staying asleep and falling asleep earlier and sleeping in longer. You guys, Andrea is a wizard!! If you need help, invest. It’s the absolute best decision for your child most importantly, but also for your whole family. Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU, Andrea!!!”

Macki, Mom of 2 year old

“Cannot begin to tell you how grateful I am to have worked with Andrea. She came referred by a friend after months and months of dreaded bedtimes with my 3 year old who used to be a great sleeper but slowly became dependent on us laying with her in her bed in order for her to fall asleep (which would sometimes take HOURS). As a result she was overtired and waking up regularly in the middle of the night. My husband and I were BURNT OUT. Cue Andrea! We did a 2 week program and by day 12, my daughter was falling asleep independently by 7pm and sleeping through the night a full 12 hours. Andrea was flexible where needed, but firm in giving us the confidence to move forward. We would speak regularly, tweak the program, establishing a tool kit that worked for us and our daughter. Best money we’ve spent in awhile. Highly recommend. 

Karen, Mom of 3 year old 

“Andrea was a great resource to use while we sleep trained our 8 month old. She provided a detailed plan for us to follow, as well as additional guidance during our morning catch ups. Andrea was flexible with our support schedule when our daughter was sick in the middle of our two week program. We very much appreciated her help and guidance during this time! Before we found Andrea, our daughter was waking up 2-3 times per night, and now she sleeps all night! She also helped us get her on a consistent nap schedule. I would not hesitate to recommend Andrea’s services to anyone who needs it!” 

Dina, Mom of 8 month old

“We had a great experience working with Andrea to get our toddler’s sleep on track. Andrea is very knowledgeable and easy to work with. With her support, we quickly learned what adjustments to make and never felt judged as we realized a lot of what we had been doing wasn’t helpful for our child. She was patient and thoughtfully responded to our questions and concerns. We would not hesitate to reach out again for future support and recommend Andrea to other families in need of a sleep consultant. ”

Kim, Mom of 2.5 year old

“I had been struggling with my son’s inconsistent sleep and long night wakings for months when Andrea and I began working together. She laid out a clear plan and strategy for me to follow and we touched base frequently to make small adjustments based on my son’s sleep patterns. He made a huge improvement in just days, and I feel equipped with the tools to help my son sleep the best he can with Andrea’s guidance. Everyone is happier with a better night sleep in our house!!”

Andrea, Mom of 20 month old

“My husband and I had a great experience working with Andrea to help my 7.5 month old sleep through the night. As someone who did not believe in “sleep training” I could not be happier with our decision to work with her. Not only is our son sleeping through the night, he is happier and more rested during the day. Andrea was supportive, responsive and completely non-judgmental. It was exactly what we needed and I would recommend her to anyone looking to navigate infant sleep!

Ashley, Mom of 7.5 month old

“Andrea is a phenomenal sleep consultant. She helped our family with our 5 year old daughter who woke up throughout the night and insisted we sit with her. As a family we were eager to get a good night sleep and for our daughter to learn how to self soothe and not need us. Andrea took the time to learn about our family, our current routines and our daughter and then developed a sleeping plan tailored to her. She was patient and consistently checked in which held us accountable in continuing the process. She was able to provide suggestions and be used a sounding board when the process did not go as planned or wanted. With Andrea’s help our daughter (and us) are sleeping much better!

Allison, Mom of 5 year old

“We worked with Andrea to help get our 9.5 month old on a regular sleep schedule. Even though it’s my third baby, it was the first time we worked with a sleep consultant. We’re so glad we found her – in just a few days, she helped our baby switch to regular naps, sleep through the night (he was up 2-4 times a night before we started!), and I no longer had to nurse him to sleep. She was so quick on all the questions we had, she helped in detail and described the whole process so we knew exactly what to expect. This helps a lot when you’re always worried for your baby. I’ll be recommending her to all my friends!

Anna, Mom of 9.5 month old

 “I can’t say enough about Andrea and the incredible work she’s done as our sleep coach. When we reached out, we were at our wit’s end with our daughters’ sleep issues. Our now 7 year old and 10 year old had been struggling with sleep for a long time, and it was affecting not only their well-being but our family dynamic. 

From the very beginning, Andrea was a beacon of hope. She welcomed us with warmth and empathy, and it was clear that she genuinely cared about helping us find a solution to our sleep problems. Her extensive knowledge and expertise  became immediately evident as she provided us with a wealth of valuable advice.

Andrea patiently listened to our concerns, answered all our questions and put us at ease with her calming presence. She took the time to understand our family’s unique situation and tailored her recommendations accordingly. Her guidance was not only informative, but also practical, making it easy for us to implement the changes to our routine. 

What truly sets Andrea apart is her commitment to the long-term success of her clients. She didn’t just provide a quick fix; instead she helped us reprogram our daughters’ sleep patterns through a new, sustainable routine. And the results have been nothing short of remarkable. Our girls are sleeping better than ever, and our household is now a more harmonious and well-rested place. 

Thanks to Andrea, our daughters are now getting the quality sleep they need, and we have a happier, healthier family as a result. We are incredibly grateful for her expertise, her caring nature, and the positive impact she has had on our lives. If you’re looking for a sleep coach who truly cares and gets results, Andrea is the person you need. We can’t recommend her enough!

Stephanie, Mom of 7 & 10 year old